Yes, I’m still here!

July 12th, 2016

IMG_2090 IMG_2294 IMG_3325 IMG_2615 IMG_2748 IMG_3292Fitting Room Corsets is alive and well and still making incredible corsets! I find I would much rather design corsets than Blog – it was a lovely experiment, and there are some really good posts in the archives, and lots a information on corsetry. For the past few years I post new corset photos on Face Book – Fitting Room Corsets – please come a see the photos there, and like my page! I never beg for ‘likes’, but it is nice to see people follow your work. All the contacts are still good, and one of these days, I”ll have my Web page updated! But there are miles to go and many corsets to make – and my skills are better served at the sewing machine, rather than the computer. If I can remember how it is done, I’ll post new corset photos! Thank you all – I love my clients!

Blog Update – 3/8″ coil stays not available at this time

October 8th, 2015

IMG_2383Just a shot note to let you know that I’m still here, and busy making corsets! For the latest photos and comments please see my Facebook page – Fitting Room Corsets. That is where I publish my new designs about once a week. And, for longer comments on corsetry, there are some very good articles here in the blog archives – still relevant, and worth a look. At the moment I an out of the 3/8″ coil stays – I’m debating on restocking – they are the slowest seller, but we will see how things go. Sorry for any inconvenience. I hope to have this whole page updated soon – but I’ve been very busy with corset making – which is my first priority. Thank you all, loyal Fitting Room clients – If you have questions, send me an e-mail

Oh my, has it really been a year!

June 10th, 2014

Hello blog readers!  It was recently pointed out to me that it had been a year since my last post.   Could it really have been that long????  Yes, it could.   I’ve been a very busy corset maker – it has been a record year, for both sales and creative projects.  I have started a Face Book Fan page – Fitting Room Corsets.   I have been posting new projects and corset related items on Face Book.  I will still post longer articles here, as time in inspiration allows – and do visit the older posts -you will find some great information there.  If you are a Face Book user, please visit and ‘like’ my page – lots of recent projects and pretty things.

  Thanks for reading my blog, 


Why I Don’t use Lacing Bones

June 12th, 2013


Fig. 2 – washers pulling out

Fig. 3 – Grommets tearing fabric


Fig. 1 - Lacing Bones

Fig. 1 – Lacing bones

I recently had a corset from another maker come into my studio.  This corset was constructed with ‘lacing bones’ in the back to hold the grommets. This is a good opportunity to illustrate a problem I have found with lacing bones, and to let you know my reasoning as to why I don’t sell them or use them in my corsets. 

Lacing bones (photo #1) are enamel covered heavy steel designed to be used in the back of a corset.  A pocket is created in the fabric and the grommets are set through the holes provided in the steel.  It is an interesting idea at first look; a strong bone to hold the grommets in place and prevent them from pulling out.  Unfortunately, with experimentation, I discovered several problems associated with the use of these bones. 

The lacing bones are very stiff – and consequently, very thick.  They are 3 times or more the gage of standard corset bones.  They do not bend with the body, and a good corset should shape to the curve of the body – even in the center back.  

The thickness of the bones also makes grommet setting very difficult.  It takes a grommet with a long shank to set them properly.  You can get the regular shank grommets to set into the bones, but then you can have only one thickness of fabric on each side of the lacing bone.  This is not enough.  The grommet shanks will not ‘roll’ enough to hold together.  Long shank grommets are available, but not readily, and not in as great a color choice. 

There is a simple rule of sewing that when one area of a garment is supper strong, the weaker areas will give way.   If you have ever tried to sew Velcro on a thin fabric, you know the problem.  The lacing bones ‘out do’ the fabric, and the fabric, being the weaker substance, will give way – almost immediately, and the grommets will pull out.  (photo #2 and #3)  I see a lot of poorly set grommets.  The usual problem is that there is no interfacing used, and the grommets do not have anything to ‘grip’.  I use interfacing – usually two layers of #50 pellon on the back panels. This, along with the coutil layer, and the top fabric (also usually interfaced ) gives 4-5 layers of fabric – and still gives the grommet shanks enough space to curl and hold the washer to the grommet.  (I should also say here that my grommet of choice is the 00 size two piece grommet.)  Most setters will give you satisfactory results with this layering.  

My grommets, using this system, will hold under a great deal of heavy wear – Occasionally, I get one back that has pulled out – but it is rare.   Nothing is fool proof, but I do have excellent results.  I would much rather replace a grommet than mend rips in fabric.   

To sum up – use sufficient interfacing in the area of your corset where the grommets are to be set.  Use a two piece grommet – and place a bone on each side of the row of grommets.   No lacing bones necessary!


Oh My Stars!

April 8th, 2013

Green silk with Black lace overlay – stars moons and comets!


February 16th, 2013


Inez’s Corset

Recently, a client offered to write a review of her corset ordering experience suitable for sharing.  I have never been one to print ‘testimonials’ in my advertising or on my web page, It just seemed wrong somehow, boastful or self aggrandizing.   I keep my wonderful collection of thank you notes carefully tucked away, and private.  (And, she says boastfully, it is a large folder! 
But, my reticence is of no use to you, gentle corset enthusiast – so I will post this note – with grateful appreciation to Inez.

Here’s the review:

“I found Marie and The Fitting Room after several days of internet research into custom vs. off-the-rack corsets, the typical cost of custom corsets, what to look for in a corsetiere, questions to ask, etc. etc. My build is not conducive to buying a corset off-the-rack, and since I had such a magnificent reason to have a corset custom-made (my wedding!!), I decided to take the plunge. I was more than a little nervous about ordering a custom corset over the internet, but I cannot exclaim enough just how amazing the final product is. My corset is so beautiful! To put it bluntly, this corset fits me perfectly, exactly, totally, amazingly well. Did I mention how perfect my corset is? I’ve only ever owned off-the-rack corsets, so this experience has been truly wonderful. I can lace my corset all by myself! Who knew that was even possible?!? Well, I didn’t. 🙂 Marie’s craftsmanship is incredible, and I will without hesitation be asking Marie to make my next corset as well.”

Fantasy Week

August 23rd, 2012

Last week was fantasy Corset week around here – What would a well dressed Fairy wear?  Want to look like your favorite Magic the Gathering card?  It all starts with a corset!

Grommet Plier Fail

August 14th, 2012

Sorry to have to report that the grommet pliers that I have sold are no longer working properly – either they have changed, or something has gone, well,  for lack of a better phrase, haywire!   I will offer the cast metal setters that you use with a hammer until I can find a reasonable replacement.   Again, I am sorry to have lost this useful tool.


Marie, The Fitting Room

Going For Baroque!

February 26th, 2012

More new corsets! It’s been a good season for the early historical styles – embroidered Linen, cotton damasks.   This is one of the most comfortable styles – a great start for fabulous costumes!

Corsets For Christmas!

December 2nd, 2011

There is still time for a shiney new corset for Christmas or New Years -( just barely, but it is possible). The Fitting Room also has Gift Certificates perfect for stuffing in a stocking. For those of you looking for ‘Made in America’ gifts, or if are chooing to suport a local busines – congratulations, we thank you!
Happy Holidays!
From Marie