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Sunday, March 29th, 2009

Well, I know it has been awhile.  We had a wonderful trip to Venice.  And it has taken a lot of time to get caught up and back to some semblance of ‘normal’.   Orders just keep coming in – recession or no recession!


I often get asked ‘what is the time frame is for having a corset made?’.   Unlike a lot of places, I don’t think it fair to keep a huge back log of work and make clients wait months –even years for their corset.  My average turnaround time in 4-6 weeks.  Sometimes less,  sometimes more, depending mostly on fitting schedules and volume.  I’m really very organized when it comes to work, and can give you an exact time frame.   If you are planning for a wedding, allow at the minimum 8 weeks before your wedding – or more!  And remember that if you are planning on wearing your corset as a foundation for your dress – your dress must for fit over the corset – so allow time for that too.


And, just as a reminder, I don’t keep any stock on hand – it’s more important to me to keep current with my custom work. 




So on to the Blogging:

Here is a series of book and magazine reviews.   There have been some wonderful new books released recently on corsets and corset related topics.   Hope these give you some great ideas. 


Gothic . Dark Glamour  by  Valerie Steele and Jennifer Park  – 2008 Yale University Press and FIT, NY, NY


This book is the companion piece to the recent show at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, which I was fortunate to see last October.    But, it is far more than just a catalogue of the displays.  In true Valerie Steele style  (not a secret that I am a great fan of her writing!),  she explores all aspects of what has become known as “Goth”.  A blend of history, pop culture, street fashion, and haute couture, this is a fascinating discussion of ‘what is Goth’ and why it is a valid part of a discussion of fashion history.


Corsets are a major element of Goth fashion.   I have a great time designing ‘Goth’ corsets – it is so much more than just ‘black’ with hardware.  I’ve done some great pieces and have currently developed a corset/waistcoat for men.  Fabulous with a black suit….


I’m giving this book a “must have” rating for anyone interested in corsetry, Goth culture, fashion design, and fashion history.  The photography is fabulous and inspiring – as is the text.  And it gets a ‘11’ on the inspiration scale.



Costume Maker Magazine   Issue #2  March 2009


This is the brain child of Selina Zawachi – and is remarkable, first, because of her age – she started this project at age 15 in 2007 – and secondly, because she has succeeded where so many have failed.  My bookshelves are littered with 1st issues of Costume and vintage fashion themed magazines that died before a second issue. 


Selina has produced a slick and professional looking magazine geared toward cosplay and fantasy costumers.  The articles are  mostly on “how to” subjects – not too simplistic, not too advanced.   Subjects include: making fairy wings, chainmail, a simple cloak, and tipping your own corset bones.  (yea!  good information for corset makers  that encourages the use of ‘real’ materials – that will give you good results.  Brava! )   It also showcases costumer’s work through contests.  And – there are paper dolls…..I love paper dolls!


Go to the web page and buy the magazine – support this girl in her endeavor – I truly admire someone that focused and passionate about subject – I’m sure we have not heard the last from her.   


More reviews to come soon……