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How I spent my Summer Vacation

Tuesday, September 8th, 2009

I’ve always liked the European custom of taking  vacation for the entire month of August.  Oh, there are technical problems when everyone takes the same month off – traffic, and who gets to stay home and feed the cat.  But, I think people are better off  if they get a good long vacation.  We Americans tend to take vacation a few days at a time – and then try to cram as much as possible into that time.  I am so guilty of this!  No relaxation, no re-creation.   So the best I can do is avoid the ‘Busman’s Holiday” and do something that gets me out of the studio and away from my sewing machine.  

This August I  spent three weekends working at a local Renaissance faire.   I sing with the Ravenrook Consort.  (our new CD is now available from:  )   I also demonstrated bobbin lace making which I never get around to doing at home.   I truly enjoyed the parade of happy faire patrons in their fanciful costumes which included every kind of corset you can imagine!  ( I had to get around to corsetry sooner or later….)  

I have made all the corsets for our group – which is a good thing, as we are sometimes in costume for 8-14 hours.  Other than the usual fatigue, I didn’t hear any complaints.   A well fitted corset should not be uncomfortable.  

I  can’t imagine some of the faire patrons were quite as lucky.  There were so many under boned or plastic boned bustiers – so sad and saggy and not at all flattering.   Large or small, anyone can look great and be comfortable in a custom made, well fitted corset.    Beware, there are corset makers who claim to do custom work but they are merely plugging your measurements into stock pattern sizes.  If it sounds like too good a deal – it probably is.  Caveat Emptor. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a ‘historical snob’ when it comes to corsets – I love to do fantasy, and fashion, pirates and fairies, steampunk and fetish, saloon girls and bar wenches!   But I am a ‘fitting snob’.  If it looks good and is comfortable then I’ve done my job.  

Wishing you all restful and happy vacations,