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Christmas Corsets

Thursday, November 19th, 2009

November 19, 2009
Yes! there is still time to get a custom corset for Christmas or New Years –
And, we have gift certificats available so your loved one can choose fabrics, colors and style for themselves. Christmas is comming soon ready or not! (and I’m usually on the ‘not’ side ). Happy Thanksgiving!

Display Corsets

Wednesday, November 11th, 2009

November 11, 2009
I hope you all had a great Halloween season, it is always a busy one around here – many parties and fancy corsets to be made. Here are two corsets –each with a lot of personality – that I made for a display. The first is a green silk with embroidered shocking pink dots – not to my usual taste, but there was something about how the two colors played together that I couldn’t resist.
The second, is a denim – stitched in the style of jeans – and frosted with pink rhinestones and pink lace and silver nail heads – just to add the ‘over the top’ element for a ‘Country Western Queen’ look – again, not at all my usual style. But I really like the jean stitching – it worked out very well.

Both these corsets are available – I’ll give the specifications below. Please contact me for pricing if you are interested. I can always make a similar style in your size – as that is what custom work is all about. And, I now I have some corset samples on hand – which is really rare for me! All my best things go out the door – and sometimes I grow attached to them and miss them when they are gone – ok – too much information!

Here are the specifics:
Green and pink silk – black lining – Over the Bust style Actual corset measurements: Bust 35 (B-C cup) Waist 27 Hip 34.5 – Center front 15” – It will fit a figure 3-6 inches larger than the measurements.

Medium Blue Denim – black lining – 1890’s cut – with hip panels Bust 36 (C-D cup), Waist 28, Hip 37, Center front 15” – It will fit a figure 3-6 inches larger than these measurements.  Skirt -Waist 31 (sits below corset waist) Hip 36 – Lenght 17″ – stretch denim – should fit pretty tight!
Green silk with Pink Dots! Country Western Queen