Do you teach corset making classes?

Dawn's first corset - Front

Dawn's first corset - Front

I’ve been asked this  question quite often lately,  and the answer is yes!  I do teach corset making.   I have been taking  students on a ‘one on one’ basis.   This seems to work well for both me and the students.  The hardest part is the scheduling – finding the time to teach and get my custom orders done. 

My class  takes two 8 hour days, with some homework in between.  It is intense and  a lot of hard work, as I cover as much as I think the student can absorb.  I don’t take beginning sewers.  You  need to be well acquainted with basic sewing terms and skills  and have a good rapport with  your sewing machine.   You also need to be the kind of sewer that likes fine detail.  Corsets are, to say the least, ‘nit picky’.  It takes patience.  It is not the kind of project  that you start the night before the ‘big event’.  Although I’ve seen some great stuff done very quickly,  that is not how I work.  

In my class you will start from a pattern – usually one I have prepped for you – and it will not fit quite right, as half the class is learning the fitting technique.   You will make a mock up, and we will fit, and then you will transfer the changes to your pattern.   Then, we learn to cut and assemble your corset, by the method that I have developed,  and  finally, do the finishing.  You will learn about the various bones and hardware, as well as appropriate materials.  When we are through, you will have a well fitted pattern, and a finished corset.   My class fee includes  the hardware (busk,  stays and grommets )  for one corset, the lining and interfacing, and a ‘corset fitting aid’ (as shown on the web page), as well as handouts . If you are interested, e-mail me for the current class fee and available times. 

I can take up to two students at a time – more than that, and I don’t have the space.  I have taught  larger workshops and I might consider it under the proper circumstances. 

Last fall I had a great student – Dawn.  She has a infectious enthusiasm for corset making.   Here is an excerpt from the note she sent:

“ Hi Marie,  …..Thank you so much, I really had the best time and feel like I learned a ton.  You are really a great teacher, so patient.  I told my husband on the way home I had two of the most fun days that I’d had in a while.  Just to do something I love and learn more about it was wonderful……”  

Back of Dawn's First corset

Back of Dawn's First corset


I usually don’t print testimonials, although I have a book full (which I read when I feel blue).  But, Dawn gave me permission to share her note and some of her pictures.  This is her first corset that she made in class.  I’m so proud!  Thank you Dawn,  I had great fun teaching you.

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