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Coming Soon! Web page update

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

Yes, soon there will be updates to my web page. Not everything, as it is pretty cool as it is, but the time has come to deal with the corset supply section. It has not been a good couple of years for coset supplies! Many suppliers have closed, and new ones are hard to find. And, unfortunatly, some prices must go up. I’ve put it off as long as possible. I’m sure my web mistress thinks I”ve fallen off the edge of the world. The good news is, bones are staying the same price. So thanks for your patience and your patronage – I always try to get your orders shipped as soon as I receive them – usually the next day. And, if you are in the Seattle area, you can pick up your supplies at my studio – by appointment! (call ahead please) Thanks so much and Happy corset making!