Inez’s Corset

Recently, a client offered to write a review of her corset ordering experience suitable for sharing.  I have never been one to print ‘testimonials’ in my advertising or on my web page, It just seemed wrong somehow, boastful or self aggrandizing.   I keep my wonderful collection of thank you notes carefully tucked away, and private.  (And, she says boastfully, it is a large folder! 
But, my reticence is of no use to you, gentle corset enthusiast – so I will post this note – with grateful appreciation to Inez.

Here’s the review:

“I found Marie and The Fitting Room after several days of internet research into custom vs. off-the-rack corsets, the typical cost of custom corsets, what to look for in a corsetiere, questions to ask, etc. etc. My build is not conducive to buying a corset off-the-rack, and since I had such a magnificent reason to have a corset custom-made (my wedding!!), I decided to take the plunge. I was more than a little nervous about ordering a custom corset over the internet, but I cannot exclaim enough just how amazing the final product is. My corset is so beautiful! To put it bluntly, this corset fits me perfectly, exactly, totally, amazingly well. Did I mention how perfect my corset is? I’ve only ever owned off-the-rack corsets, so this experience has been truly wonderful. I can lace my corset all by myself! Who knew that was even possible?!? Well, I didn’t. 🙂 Marie’s craftsmanship is incredible, and I will without hesitation be asking Marie to make my next corset as well.”

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