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Grommet & Eyelet Priers | Satin Edge Binding with Eyelets | Stay Casing | Wooden Busks

Straight BuskStraight Busks

Suitable for the easy open front closures on Victorian and Edwardian style corsets.

We now offer six sizes of straight Busks - 8" (with 4 clasps) 10" (with 5 clasps) 12" (with 6 clasps), 13" (with 6 clasps),14" (with 7 clasps) and 16" (with 8 clasps)

$25.00 each - all sizes

For more information on Busks and instructions for setting please see the section
What is a Busk?

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LacesCorset Laces with Metal Tips!
(that's aiglets for all you scrabble players)

The Fitting Room offers quality corset laces with 3/4" metal tips. These firmly affixed tips make corset lacing fast and easy, wearing after wearing.

Laces currently available:

  • Synthetic Laces - the lace I use for all my custom work.
    A woven synthetic flat braid - good "slip". Works very well for those who pull their laces from the waist. 5/16" wide with metal tips. Fits most grommets and eyelets.
    Available in Black or White. Indicate length desired in yards or meters. $1.00 per yard or meter
  • Soutache Braid - when you need something elegant and understated. 1/8" wide with metal tips. Check with use for color availability. Indicate length desired in yards or meters. $1.00 per yard or meter
  • Cotton laces - Cotton Laces are now available only in unbleached natural (a very light beige). $1.50 per yard or meter.

To order any of our laces:

Let us know how many yards you will need, and we will cut and tip the ends accordingly.
Example: "I need 2 black synthetic laces, three yards each." For a total of 6 yards.

Add Tips to Your Laces or Ribbons:

We can also add tips to the ends of your ribbons or lacing. Send it to us with your length requirements and we will add the tips and ship it back to you ASAP.

Nothing over 1/4" in diameter or hard, such as leather.
$.25 per tip $2.00 minimum - Shipping usually $2.50

Tip: How long do my corset laces need to be?

Here is a simple method that we use at the fitting Room to figure the length of a lace.
Count the number of grommets up one side of your corset - example 12 grommets - divide by 2 - example 6 yards of laces. This gives plenty of room for getting in and out of your corsets without re-lacing each time.

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Corset Bones or Stays
New Extended Lengths - Most Sizes Up To 20"

Coil Stays

1/4" wide coil is great for lightly bones bodices and the 'over the bust' curve.

3/8" wide, very flexible coil stays are just the thing for those curved pockets in Edwardian style corsets or anywhere you need light support or both vertical and horizontal flexibility. Order in one half inch increments.

Steel Stays

White enamel covered steel stays in Three widths! Including our favorite, and very hard to find 3/8".

1/4 " Coil Stays
Size Price
6" to 10" 0.60 cents each
10.5" to 14" 0.70 cents each
14.5" to 20" 0.80 cents each
3/8" Coil Stays
Size Price
3" to 10" 0.65 cents each
10.5" to 15" 0.75 cents each
15.5" to 18" 0.85 cents each
1/4" Wide Steel Stays
All lengths available - Please order in half inch increments.
Size Price
3" to 10" 0.60 cents each
10.5" to 15" 0.70 cents each
15.5" to 18" 0.80 cents each
3/8" Wide Steel Stays
All lengths available - Please order in half inch increments.
3" to 10" 0.65 cents each
10.5" to 15" 0.75 cents each
15.5" to 20" 0.85 cents each
1/2" Wide Steel Stays
All lengths available - Please order in half inch increments.
3" to 10" 0.70 cents each
10.5" to 15" 0.80 cents each
15.5" to 18" 0.90 cents each

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Corset Fitting AidThe Indispensable Corset Fitting Aid.

We have decided to share with you one of our fitting secrets - a pair of baste-on strips of grommets. Baste these boned strips to the back of a corset muslin or corset in progress and you can try it on your model and truly see how the laced up garment will fit. You can use the ICFA over and over, and cut your fitting time in half.

Instruction for use and fitting included.  Lacing not included.

$20.00 pr.

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GartersMetal Garters

You asked for them and we found them - Metal Garters. Our adjustable stocking garters now have all metal hardware attached to an eight inch piece of elastic with a hook at the top to allow you to easily remove them from your corset when they are not needed. If you need longer elastic you can easily substitute 5/8" elastic and attach it to the hardware.

$5.00 per pair. Please specify color Black or White.

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Grommet & Eyelet PliersGrommet and Eyelet Pliers

These lightweight pliers are ideal for setting grommets and eyelets in corsets and bodices.
I have used mine for years, for setting 00 two piece grommets, and the small 3/16" eyelets. (Eyelets are usually available at fabric stores, but we don't recommend them for corset lacing).

Designed for home use - for garments and corsets (not for heavy industrial purposes, really thick fabrics or heavy leather or anything thicker than the length of the shank of the grommet - 1/8").

Grommet Pliers $30.00

Two Piece Grommets: $1.00 per doz.  or $10.00 per Gross (144 units)
Choose color: Brass, Antique Brass, Nickel, Matt Black.

New Grommet Color: Antique Brass A fabulous neutral color which looks great on red and brown.

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Stay Casing

100% Cotton , double layer twill tape. Stay casing has a slot down the center to encase the stays. It is used primarily on single layer corset styles such as Simplicity #9769.

Two sizes 1/2" and 3/4", both available in black or white. 1/2" wide accommodates 1/4" and 3/8" flat steel stays and 1/4" coil stays. 3/4" wide accommodates 3/8" Coil and 1/2" flat steel stays.

$1.60 per yard. Remember to specify Black or White.

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Wooden BuskWooden Busks for Elizabethan and Tudor Corsets.

Those of you versed in corset lore are aware of the origin of the busk - a wide wood or bone stay placed in the front of a corset to make the corset front ridged and give that "keel" effect.

My Husband, who up to this point, has only made these for my custom work, has agreed to make these wooden busks available for sale through the Fitting Room. And they are beautiful. 1/1/2 inches wide, 12 1/4" long, and 3/8" thick, with two holes near the top so they can be laced into the pocket. They are smooth, and taper to a nice point, ready to use as is, or decorated in the Elizabethan fashion with love notes from your sweetie. I set these into a pocket on the inside of the stays, as shown in the picture. When done this way, they can be removed without taking the corset off when you might need a little more comfort. Let us know if you need a custom length.

$25.00 each

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