The Fitting Room: The home for custom designed corsets & quality corset making supplies

Are you looking for:

  • A distinctive accessory for your Wedding?

  • Those hard to find Historical underpinnings?

  • A unique piece of formal wear that expresses your individuality?

  • Or perhaps the answer to your romantic fantasies?

Then you are ready for a custom corset. If you have tried an “off the rack” corset and found it lacking – poor fit, plastic boning, and cheep materials, it is time to try a custom made corset. Every corset we create is made to your measurements. Our corsets work for all body types, large and small, male and female.

The basic lining is a fine cotton twill in either black or white, pre-washed for comfort, creating a beautiful finish inside and out.

A true corset always laces in the back. That ability - to adjust as often and as much as you need - is what makes a corset versatile and comfortable. Can a corset truly be comfortable – absolutely – a well fitted corset should be supportive, and comfortable. It may restrict your movement, more than say – a tee shirt – but that is part of wearing a corset. High heels are not as comfortable as sport shoes, but we wear them, and enjoy the attention!

You can order your corset with a plain front – no opening, a busk, (if you don’t know what a busk is, read through “What is a busk, and do I need one in my corset” ) additional lacing, or combination or busk and lacing .

Our choice of fabrics is extensive. Some of the most popular ones are silk brocades- strong and durable, duchess satin – durable and sometimes washable, cotton damask – good for historical styles, embroidered silk, lace overlays, linen, and the list goes on. Many of my choices are limited in quantity, and one of a kind. I hope to have a selection on line in the future, but for now, contact me and I can make fabric suggestions.

How to order a custom corset:

  1. Look through the corset gallery to get an idea of what is available.
  2. Read through the “How to choose a corset style” section for the basic shapes
  3. Contact Marie by e-mail or phone for advice and suggestions, and a price quote, Or, If you are in the Seattle area, call for an appointment.
  4. Print out the measurement forms and follow the instructions on the second page.
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Things you need to know

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