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Measurement Instructions

When you order a corset from the Fitting Room you will be asked to provide your measurements. Here is an example of what you can expect. Some styles require a bit more information than you see here, but a custom list will be provided in that case.

Measurement form (please complete and return to me)
Measurement instructions (MS Word)


You will need: a piece of elastic or string, and a flexible tape measure, such as used for sewing. Tape measures are available in all Fabric stores and most groceries and drug stores and usually cost under a dollar - please don’t try to take your measurements with a steel tape - they are for carpentry not corsetry!

Take the measurements in your normal underwear, and measure just what is there, not tight, not loose.

First, take a piece of elastic or string and tie it around your waist - it will find your natural waistline so you will have a place from which to gauge your measurements. This is very important, as a corset will also find your waistline, and if it is in the wrong place, the corset will either ride up, or slip down.

If you wear prosthetic breasts, measure with them on.

  • Bust: (around the fullest part of your bust or chest.)
  • Cup size
  • Under bust: (around rib cage)
  • Distance between the apex of your breasts: ( nipple to nipple - in a straight line)
  • Waist:
  • Hip (at the point that you want the bottom of the corset)
  • Length Center Front: (measure up from the waist to the level of the nipple, and down from the waist to the bottom, remember the point, and not past your pubic bone.)
  • Length, Side: (same thing, waist to top and waist to bottom)
  • Length, back: ( waist to top, waist to bottom)
  • Your height, and weight approx.

These are the basics, you may be asked for other measurements, depending on the style chosen. Remember, the more accurate the measurements, the better the fit or your corset.

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